How each of us can help local air quality

The Coastal Bend Air Quality Partnership has many suggestions on how each of us can make small changes in our everyday activities to help local air quality.

Air quality is affected by several factors

  • Emissions from sources like construction equipment, lawn mowers, an industrial facility, cars and trucks on the road, etc.
  • Local airborne dust
  • Rain can reduce concentrations of some pollutants and temperatures can increase or decrease them.
  • Local winds can reduce or dilute pollutant concentrations.
  • Regional winds, at higher altitudes, can transport dust from other major cities, forest fires, or even other continents across the world.

We can all make clean air choices

  • Consider car-pooling, walking for short errands, bicycling or using mass transit.
  • Avoid idling your vehicle.
  • Drive the speed limit and avoid jackrabbit starts.
  • Refuel your vehicle before sunrise or after sunset.
  • Finish your fueling once the pump clicks off.
  • Use low VOC paint and solvent products and keep paint containers tightly sealed.
  • Keep your tires properly inflated and your vehicle well-maintained.
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Gregory-Portland Air Monitoring program

Air Quality Report Card for 2023

Data collected over four years of continuous monitoring at three locations in Portland and Gregory show air quality remains excellent in comparison to other Texas cities.