Our facility

A world-class petrochemical complex

GCGV is a petrochemical complex that produces the building blocks of everyday products used around the world right here in the Coastal Bend. 

Polyethylene can be used in the production of medical supplies, food packaging, agricultural film and building and construction materials. Monoethylene glycol can be used to manufacture polyester clothing, food packaging and liquid containers.

The facility includes a 1.8 million metric ton ethane steam cracker that produces ethylene, which then feeds three derivative units: one monoethylene glycol unit and two polyethylene units.  
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Take a virtual tour of our world-class facility.

Virtual tour

Take a tour of our world-class facility and learn about what we do here at GCGV.

Watch the video to see a 360 degree view of our administration building, derivative units and more!

Built with tomorrow in mind – modern, safe and responsible

With safety at the forefront, the GCGV facility was built through modular construction to increase efficiency and reduce impacts on local infrastructure. Best Available Control Technology (BACT) is integrated into the facility’s design to ensure operations run smoothly and are compliant with health, safety and environmental regulations.   

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