Environmental stewardship

Built with tomorrow in mind – modern, safe and responsible.

We are committed to protecting public safety, health and the environment (SH&E).

We are safe, responsible stewards of our hydrocarbons, and our SH&E commitment is integrated into the facility design, present in our operating procedures and upheld through our investment in protecting our shared environment. 

  • Modern design & prevention technologies

    GCGV is a new, modern facility with Best Available Control Technology. In accordance with regulatory standards, we conduct continuous emissions monitoring, rigorous leak detection monitoring and fence-line monitoring. In addition to required monitoring, the project funded two air monitors in the community that are maintained and operated by an independent third party.
    The data is available to the public here
  • Enhanced safety measures

    Flares are important safety devices used to keep a facility running safely during unplanned operational interruptions or during scheduled maintenance activities.

    GCGV uses a staged system consisting of elevated flares and a ground flare.
    Learn more about our flares in this video
  • Responsible processes

    Our processes ensure we are good stewards of the resources that power this facility and of the ingredients in our products. From the recycling of scrap metal during construction to our LEED certified administration building, GCGV is committed to implementing sustainable practices throughout operations.
    Learn more about how our people play a role in our responsible processes

    Protecting our shared environment

    Our commitment to environmental stewardship extends beyond the fence line. We consult with local experts to guide our stewardship efforts and collaborate with organizations like the Coastal Bend Bays and Estuaries Program to support habitat restoration projects and research and environmental education programs.

    GCGV is committed to protecting the environment throughout our community, and our volunteer projects and charitable contributions aim to ensure the Coastal Bend is a safe and beautiful place 
    to live.

    In the news

      Conservation & Environmental Stewardship Award

      We feel honored to be recognized by Coastal Bend Bays Foundation. We truly strive to be good neighbors, protect our environment, and to give back to our community. Our world-scale facility is designed with state-of-the-art technology and operated by a highly dedicated team. Our employees volunteer, too, partnering with community organizations across the Coastal Bend. We are proud to be one of the environmental stewards celebrated!

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