GCGV hosts more than 1,200 Coastal Bend students for Corpus Christi Symphony performances

On Friday, February 2, students from across the Coastal Bend enjoyed a lively Corpus Christi symphony concert in the world-class Performing Arts Center at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.

The “dance”-themed show inspired younger students to conduct from their seats as they experienced dance music from across the world, including Khachaturian’s Sabre Dance and Tchaikovsky’s waltz from Swan Lake.

In addition to providing students with a unique concert-going opportunity, prior to arriving at the Performing Arts Center, students were educated on the pieces they would be hearing and received instruction on concert etiquette for a complete educational experience.

As a corporate sponsor of the Pat Furley Education Concert Series programmed by the Corpus Christi Symphony, Gulf Coast Growth Ventures was instrumental in making this experience possible for students from area schools, including San Patricio County schools like G-PISD, Mathis ISD, and beyond. The concerts offered a unique opportunity for students from outside of Corpus Christi who otherwise may not have the opportunity to see a live, classical music performance on a world-class stage at the campus of a university known as the number one college by the sea.

Benefits of music education on students extend beyond improving quality of life, an important pillar of GCGV’s Good Neighbor Program that drives the company’s community engagement priorities. Though not considered settled science, numerous studies show strong linkage between music education and achievement in math. Fostering a love for music at a young age can help build transferable skills for students, bridging the gap to STEM education as well, another priority area of community support for GCGV’s education and workforce Good Neighbor Program pillar.


CCSO Maestro Hector Guzman expressed that education concerts are different – in order to keep his young audience engaged, he has to make sure to bring energy into the concert hall. His efforts are captivating – students sit up straight in anticipation of the next song, bursting into applause at the conclusion of each piece. Each time Maestro Guzman asks the audience if they are enjoying the show, he was met with a resounding, enthusiastic “Yes!”

When asked what her favorite part of the education concert was, a middle school choir student from Gregory-Portland said it was the concert’s interlude where the Maestro highlights each section of the orchestra, and then has musicians highlight each instrument individually so that students can see and hear what the instrument sounds like.

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