2023 Sustainability report

Education and workforce

We are committed to helping prepare tomorrow’s workforce – today

Investing in people

We invest in local high schools, colleges, and trade programs by providing school supplies and technology equipment, hosting STEM days, funding scholarships and more.

To date, GCGV has contributed:

  • $1.5+ million to the GCGV Process Technology Lab at Del Mar
  • $114,000+ in scholarships
  • $100,000+ to the San Patricio Workforce Development Consortium
  • Sponsored This One’s for the Gals, a nonprofit that aims to help girls in grades K-12 explore careers and workforce development opportunities in the construction, energy and manufacturing industries
  • Participated in Gregory-Portland ISD Engineering Day and provided a facility tour to ~100 students
We build that pipeline of students and employees that can continue to reside here in Gregory-Portland, but then work here and raise their families.
Michelle Cavazos

PhD, Superintendent, Gregory-Portland ISD

The Coastal Bend is poised for a lot of growth, so it’s imperative that we have a skilled workforce to operate in the community safely and sustainably.
Justin McKenzie

Process Department Head, Gulf Coast Growth Ventures

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  • Environmental stewardship

    What makes our facility world class? A constant push to be better.

  • Health and safety

    We maintain a highly experienced team and a suite of resources to ensure we are the safest facility we can possibly be.

  • Quality of life

    We aim to enhance quality of life, generate economic growth and drive opportunities locally.

  • Education and workforce

    We are committed to helping prepare tomorrow’s workforce – today.

  • Sustainability Report

    Our progress, our successes, and the people who make it possible.