2023 Sustainability Report

Environmental stewardship

What makes our facility world class? A constant push to be better

From our shareholders to our site leadership, to our individual employees, we truly want to be good stewards of our environment.

We’re constantly thinking about how we can operate cleaner and greener, and how we can do it responsibly and transparently. In 2023, we made some significant progress in these efforts.
We’re very happy to report to the community that we’ve seen very little to no change in the air quality during the past four years of our monitoring operation.
Vincent Torres

Associate Director at UT Austin Center for Energy & Environmental Resources

Gregory-Portland Air Monitoring Program

For the benefit of our Gregory-Portland community, GCGV and Cheniere Energy funded the Gregory-Portland Air Monitoring Program – the only program of its kind in Texas.

After nearly four years of continuous air monitoring since 2020, at three locations in Portland and Gregory, data show that air quality standards set by federal and state agencies continue to be met while local industrial sites operate at full capacity. In fact, 2023 data analyzed by University of Texas at Austin shows air quality in the area is excellent.

  • Unbiased, independent data collection and analysis
  • Conducted by University of Texas at Austin, a third-party expert
  • 24/7 continuous air quality monitoring and periodic, public reporting

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Advancing climate solutions

Lightsource bp’s Project Peacock is an industry-leading, utility-scale solar farm that will provide renewable solar power to the GCGV site.
Learn more about Project Peacock

Operation Clean Sweep: Best-in-class containment

We’ve been extremely successful in implementing these systems and have maintained a zero-discharge record since beginning operations.

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Maximizing and conserving resources

Resources are precious, which is why our facility was strategically designed and constructed with efficiencies, particularly in the ability to recycle and maximize water usage in our cooling water and steam systems. 

GCGV follows a robust water conservation plan that focuses on:

  1. minimizing our first-pass water use, or base water use, and
  2. maximizing our ability to cycle up, or reuse and recycle it.

Over the past two years of commercial operations, these methods have proven extremely successful. We continuously outperform on water conservation. Because of this success in 2023, we are in the position to voluntarily reduce our contracted water limit with the city. We know how precious water is in this area, which is why we’re actively dedicating resources and brainpower to seek out new water conservation opportunities that are feasible for our processes. 

Minimizing operational waste 

At GCGV, we make polymers and polymer raw materials to enhance products people use every day. 

Minimizing operational waste remains a priority and our facility features world-class technology to ensure zero discharge of pellets from our process. In 2023, GCGV:

  • Reduced operational waste by 50% compared with the previous year
  • Reduced flaring by 50% compared with the previous year
  • Emitted less than 50% of permitted criteria emissions quantities
I’m part of a team that strives every day to improve what is already an engineering marvel. There is not anything added to this facility that doesn’t add value, and water conservation was a top priority in the facility design.
Jackie Curry

Utilities & Energy Coordinator, Gulf Coast Growth Ventures

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  • Environmental stewardship

    What makes our facility world class? A constant push to be better.

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