2023 Sustainability Report

Operation Clean Sweep: Best-in-class containment

We’ve been extremely successful in implementing these systems and have maintained a zero-discharge record since beginning operations.

Our innovative pellet containment system is unique with extensive controls in place, including pellet interceptors at the site outfalls, interior unit collection systems, and pellet handling enclosures preventing pellets from entering the marine ecosystem. Efforts to minimize operational waste don’t stop at our units. Our Sustainability Team regularly plans and executes programs on site and in the community aimed at reducing waste, recycling, and overall caring for our environment.
We’re also proud of our little wins. We execute sustainability programs on site as often as we can, and we’re always looking for ways we can reduce, reuse and recycle.
Sandy Rodriguez

Multimedia Advisor, Site Environmental Team Member and TAMU-CC graduate, Gulf Coast Growth Ventures

In 2023, GCGV:

  • Donated and recycled 18 large 66-quart totes of flame retardant clothing, the first clothing drive of its kind in the Coastal Bend
  • Contributed to the collection and recycling of 564 pounds of used cigarette filters since 2022 to be recycled into plastic lumber
  • Collected and recycled approximately 16,000 earplugs and other personal protective equipment (PPE) 
  • Removed 40 tons of trash from 32 miles of beach with the Big Shell Beach Clean Up

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