2023 Sustainability Report

Health and safety

Safety is a core value at GCGV

We maintain a highly experienced team and a suite of resources to ensure we are the safest facility we can possibly be.

  • Certifying entire on-site emergency response team as industrial firefighters, a level beyond the industry standard
  • On-site state-of-the-art fire station equipped with an ambulance and multiple fire trucks
  • Full-time on-site fire chief leading regular safety training and equipment checks
  • Annual, live firefighter training at the Texas A&M Brayton Fire Field to practice realistic, large-scale scenarios
We aren’t content with being best in class. We want to be better.
Michael Vaughan

Safety, Security, Health & Environmental Manager and Coastal Bend Bays Foundation Trustee, Gulf Coast Growth Ventures

Leading in personnel safety

The GCGV Health and Safety Team supports each of the business teams to first understand the details of how work is executed in the field and then provide guidance and best practices on safety standards. GCGV also implements programs to ensure our employees go home the same way they came to work, including regular medical reviews, PPE assessments, HAZMAT training, first aid training and CPR certifications.

Leading in process safety

The GCGV facility was intentionally designed and built to include best-in-class systems. As technology continues to advance, our site teams are eager to assess how we can incorporate emerging innovations into our facility. Due to process safety initiatives currently in place, as well as plans we have for 2024, GCGV is well-positioned to identify and address issues quickly at our site.

Soon to be a trend in the industry, GCGV is also expanding its Optical Gas Imaging technology to include a drone program with thermal leak detection. This advancement allows site teams to rapidly detect vapors, identify sources and deploy responses.

  • Remote state-of-the-art accountability systems, gas and vapor detection systems, fire and water suppression systems
  • 24/7 on-site Rapid Air Monitoring team that reports to our control room and response team

Prioritizing emergency preparedness

We aim to go the extra mile when it comes to emergency preparedness training by maintaining a robust and collaborative emergency response plan and making sure our team is certified at the highest level.

GCGV is also deeply involved in local emergency planning. We maintain regular communication with local first responders and local officials to keep them informed of the resources we have on site, as well as the detailed measures we’re taking to ensure we’re keeping our community and the environment safe.

In 2023, GCGV:

  • Industrial Mutual Aid Group

    Coordinated with local industries to assess resources and provide support through Industrial Mutual Aid Group, an effort initiated by GCGV in 2020.
    Industrial Mutual Aid Group Industrial Mutual Aid Group
  • Corpus Christi’s first Wildlife Response Drill

    Leveraged emergency response experience to help coordinate Corpus Christi’s first Wildlife Response Drill with state agencies, local entities, and the Texas State Aquarium, a premier rehabilitation and rescue center.
    Corpus Christis first Wildlife Response Drill Corpus Christis first Wildlife Response Drill

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      We maintain a highly experienced team and a suite of resources to ensure we are the safest facility we can possibly be.

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