2023 Sustainability Report

Advancing climate solutions

Environmental stewarship

Lightsource bp’s Project Peacock is an industry-leading, utility-scale solar farm that will provide renewable solar power to the GCGV site.

One of the most exciting initiatives announced in 2023, this solar project is a win for our facility, the community and the environment. To incorporate solar energy into an industrial site like ours is a rarity, and this project is the first of its kind implemented at a U.S. petrochemical complex.

Owned and operated by Lightsource bp with power supplied to GCGV under a long-term contract, the agreement will play a significant role in reducing GHG emissions from the facility’s operations.

The solar farm will have a resident shepherd and a

flock of sheep

grazing at the site to keep the farmland fertile, a practice known as agrivoltaics!
The land under the solar panels will be maintained and kept fertile by

planting vegetation,

 including native plant species beneficial to pollinators and other wildlife.

Scheduled for startup in the second half of 2024, the bp Peacock solar project at full capacity is expected to: 

100 %

Power 100% of the GCGV facility at full capacity

40 %

Provide 40% of the site’s total power annually and reduce total greenhouse gas emissions by 6%


Generate enough renewable power to mitigate more than 256,000 tonnes/year of greenhouse gas emissions, or the equivalent of about 55,000 gasoline-powered cars


Reduce the site’s dependence on the energy grid and improve community power stations
I’ve had a lot of great experiences from a career and project perspective but being able to take my experiences and lead this project on the GCGV side, especially as a graduate of Gregory-Portland High School, is really cool to see.
Patrick Dooley

Electrical Engineer & Project Lead, Gulf Coast Growth Ventures

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